Sharing my stock pick for 2018. Cheers!

 Hi everybody! I'm newbie here. I'm learning to invest/trade. This blog is just to track my own progress in investment.

Here's my stock pick for 2018:-

1. BCM Alliance - laundry machine and medical equipment.
2. CME Group Bhd- Fire fighting equipment, fire engine, some property dev.
3. SKH Consortium - IT company, software, some property/construction.
4. Censof - IT, software business for government & commercial sector.
5. RGB - gaming/amusement machine.
6. Engtex - water pipe, hotel biz, property dev.
7. KSL - property dev and management.
8. LCtitan- petrochem
9. Parkson - shopping mall
10. TChong - I drive a nissan... hahaha
11. Zhulian - household, health, many products to SEA

Lucky clover shine shine shine!!!!

Hope my stock pick is ok! Opinions/comments are welcome! Thanks! Peace! Love!