SRIDGE (0129) - This stock is similar to CAELY and will possibly go LIMIT UP

I don't mean the similarity in the business. BUT the pattern of uptrend in the share price.
Let's look at here.

CAELY has suddenly surged few days before it went LIMIT UP.
What I noticed from money flow indicator (MFI), it moved up together with the share price. It meant very aggresive inflow of money into the stock. Only after the MFI stablilised, it then led the share price to LIMIT UP. 

No one knows exactly of its potential development that led to the LIMIT UP.
Market speculating it to issue bonus issue as no of shares are too small and illiquid. That is why the share can easily shot up and had LIMIT UP.

Now, look at SILVER RIDGE.
The share price of SILVER RIDGE has been uptrending for the past few weeks and the best part is, the MFI also move up together with the share price. So, it meant there has been aggresive inflow of money into this stock. It is also starting to get stabilise. I think SILVER RIDGE will shoot up once the MFI stabilised.

The similarity in SILVER RIDGE with CAELY is it also has very little no.of shares and market cap.
It means SILVER RIDGE can easily go LIMIT UP. As inflow of money into this stock has been aggresive, it could indicate there is potential development in this stock.
Maybe bonus issue too?
Or potential takeover or back-door listing as the company is loss making. So, this kind of company could be easily targeted.
And please be mindful that this stock is one of UMNO-linked election play that people are unaware of it.