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Before reading this, kindly read our earlier post [ UMWOG ] - To Rebound Tomorrow? 10 million lots eaten up at exactly 4:59:36pm
1) The syndicates waited until the last few seconds of the trading day to eat up 10 million shares. They did it this last minute as they assumed that many has closed their trading portals and would not notice this. Isn't it obvious that they are controlling the sell down and in the end eating up all the 10 million shares while still leaving some 9 million q?  Look at the analysis below. 1167 buy trans, 53 million. Do you think retailers can buy up to 53 million collectively? Furthermore it is evidenced that the last 10 million was eaten up at the same 4:59:36pm second.
2) At the same time while controlling the selldown, they are still maintaining it exactly at a famous Fibonacci retracement ratio of 38.2% ? Do some research yourself and you will get to know that stocks that are uptrending like this, which is breaking out of a rounding bottom, will mostly retrace until 38.2% before rebounding. Therefore today is possible a selling climax. Looking at the bigger picture, we are now still at a rounding bottom breakout, which is at a parabolic upwards phase, therefore any price corrections will likely be very minor such as 38.2%. They are likely to control the selloff not to break below 0.41 or 0.40 so as to maintain the uptrend move of the overall graph.
3) For the very simple logic of, UMWOG hit a high of RM0.48 while brent was still USD67.xx. With yesterday's brent of USD68.xx and, at the time of writing now, at USD69.xx; don't you think that the fair value of UMWOG should exceed RM0.48? Heck, we reckon that at the momentum of Brent oil nowdon't be surprised if you wake up tomorrow morning seeing that it has already break USD70. Therefore the fair value of UMWOG, according to the highest price 2 days ago, ought to be at least RM0.50.
Update: Crude Oil Advances to Highest Since 2014 as World's Surplus Shrivels 

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