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 A couple of days ago, I wrote an article about FA, TA and BS in the link below,


In the above article, I attempt to explain the two common methods of investing using fundamental analysis (FA) and Technical analysis (TA), and touch on the contemporary BS. I still do not know what that BS actually mean, and how it was applied in a consistent and predictable manner. I am still waiting for a satisfactory response, best in an article, in details by the proponents.

Thanks for all the comments in my article, including the greatest follower of BS as below with a third of the total 47 comments from him,

[Posted by stockmanmy > Feb 15, 2018 12:11 AM | Report Abuse https://cdn1.i3investor.com/cm/icon/trans16.gif

makes a killing when right
does not get killed when wrong.
can the talk well chap do that?]

Thank you very much, for at least he praised me as “talk well”. That motivates me again to do a little rebuke on his comments.

The above comment gives us another glimpse of what this fuzzy BS as propagated by him, in his own words, is;

“To make killings”

“Do not get killed”

The above statement exposes the clear and presence of people making “killings” in the stock market, and there were many people “got killed” by them. The commenter obviously worships those who make “killings” in the stock market as if they are stock God.

Who are those making the “killings”, and who got “killed”?

The “killers”

Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca)

In Bursa, the market players are made up of about 80% institutional investors and 20% retail investors like you and me. Obviously, we can’t be the “killers”. The institutional investors, the syndicates, manipulators with vast financial resources are ones who can force stock prices to move with sheer buying power. Once they find a company with some fundamentals, but more important friendly parties, and some stories about the company to tell, they secretly buy up stocks low. The sheer buying with tens and hundreds of millions would move up stock price many folds. Once they owned most of the outstanding shares, they would need to find someone to sell to make a “killing”. Manipulators would start spinning on their heels and spread good news, rumours and hints, or even outright misleading information about the company. They would even hint on the use of margin so that others have more money to buy their stocks at higher and higher price.

The slaughtered lambs

Varese, Italy, old decoration of the baptistery

Obviously, those being “killed” or badly injured are those newbies and inexperience retail players who know nothing about investing, but speculate and gamble in the stock market, the patsy.


These people think making money is so easy in the stock market by just listening to rumours and that there are tooth fairies in the stock market helping them to make money, effortlessly.

It is a human nature to be greedy and want to get rich quick, and those in the “kill” know it, and capitalized on it. These people noticed there heavy trading volume in the stock from the fast and heavy buying of the manipulators. They started to follow the theory of the greater fool and chased the stock when they are promoted, obviously near or close to their peaks, because of the fear of losing out (FOLO).

Think, think and think; how could manipulators make money if you make money? How could they “kill” if you are not “killed”? Money falling from the sky?

Hence, eventually many naïve and inexperienced market players got “killed”, or badly injured. Most, if not all, of these “killings” were very quick, occurring over a few weeks or a few months. It has seldom take more than a year.

Is making a lot of money from the stock market by “killing” others a noble, or even a socially commendable act?

Does one really need to “kill” others in the stock market in order to live a reasonable comfortable life?

Is “killing” to be very rich is a good BS?

Your response to the above questions are highly appreciated.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New year.

KC Chong (ckc13invest@gmail.com)

On the second day of Chines New Year

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