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As we have mentioned earlier last 2 weeks, the big boys are creating pump and dump activities (view our recording here). Right now is the point where they start dumping the shares after pumping the price up to attract traders and investors from 2 weeks ago. 
In our point of view the market will be falling soon. Without any stocks showing sign of operator genuine pushing the price up from our scanner. Mainly are stocks pumping stock price up to attract retail investors in for big boys to distribute. Therefore, we shift our focus from stocks to FBMKLCI Put warrant with more down side coming soon.

Round & Surge Operator Analysis Scanner
We might be wrong for our analysis. But we are confident of what we see from the market movement, how the volume and price has moved within these 2 weeks show strong signal of big boys are getting out by attracting retail investors and traders in with high price.
We will stay aside from the stock market at the moment and focus on Put Warrants. 
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