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Dear Mr. Calvin Tan and Mr. Koon Yew Yin,

I am deeply saddened and disturbed by many i3 comments: Full of hatred, cursing, trolling, teasing, provocation, demeaning, insulting, mocking, name-calling and etc.

Have we all lost our way and our mind nowadays? Are we still cares about the truth anymore? Do we need to resort to some totally one sided opinion disregard about facts and figures and fair and objective assessment/analysis just to spite, insulting and mocking each other?

I welcome everyone to post their diverse views on investment in i3 base on fair and objective assessment/analysis so that all can benefit from the diverse information and make their informed-investment decision.

Please grown up and I would think both of you are partially responsible for what is happening now in i3. (Especially Hengyuan Forum)

I repost my previous comment:
Henguan Malaysia refinery is located in Malaysia and run by Malaysian and managed by professional people. Look into the board they are who and who of Malaysia. It just happen that the major shareholder now is SPHC (Shell because of their worldwide rationalization of their business assets sold Shell refinery Malaysia to SPHC after a detail evaluation) the sales was approved by Government Regulatory body as SPHC had the technology, capability and financial standing to make the company great again.

I was there at both Xingquan and CSL last AGM, and doing my best to find out the truth. You can look into my many comments in Xingquan and CSL to understand what I have done.

I am currently initiating a minority shareholders movement and urge Hengyuan shareholders to send in their Notice of Requisition to ask for better dividend and will be there at the AGM to find out the truth with my prepared question pre-email to the BOD for them to present their answers to everyone present at the AGM. If the truth is your objective then please just buy 1 lot of Hengyuan, support our requisition and attend the AGM. Maybe Mr. Calvin Tan can learn something from the AGM and apply the same strategy when he attend the Berjaya AGM and face up to TSVT. 

Calvin Tan’s concern of Board restructure is valid especially the resignation of Datuk Yvonne Chia and Datuk Zianun Aishah binti Ahmad, both are the iron ladies and well known personalities  in Corporate Malaysia. It is sad Hengyuan lost the distinguished service of Datuk Yvonne Chia  & Datuk Zainun in the board and will surely miss their excellent service. Anyhow I would not speculate on the reason why they resigned.

I had just written an email to Hengyuan Corporate Affairs for their email address as I would like to write a personal letter to thank them for their excellent service given to Hengyuan, tell them about our minority shareholders requisition for better Dividend and Dividend policy, seek their advices and how much I will miss the golden opportunity to meet them in person in the upcoming AGM. (I had no attended Hengyuan AGM before)

Just received a WhatsApp message from Mr. Surya:

Hi Mr. Lee,

Both Datuk Yvonne & Datuk Zainun resigned from the Board of Hengyuan Refinery Company since last May 2017.

We can’t share with you their contact information as request.

Thank you

Kind regards,

Surya Suharman

Thank you

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