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Last week, The Edge Financial Daily published an article entitled 10 companies' market cap overtakes FBM KLCI members'. The list is appended below, and I have highlighted the 3 stocks that may be included as component stocks (see green arrows) and 3 stocks that may be excluded (see red arrows).

From The Edge Financial Daily

Since the publication of this article, 2 of the possible new candidates for inclusion into FBMKLCI, Harta & Dialog have rallied strongly while 2 of the possible components of FBMKLCI that may be excluded, i.e. AMBANK and Astro have dropped quite sharply.

Of these 4 stocks, it must be noted that Harta is experiencing a over-factoring since its share price has rallied earlier due to a bonus issue. On the hand, Astro - the midget in the entire list - had reported an improved financial performance but nevertheless was bashed down to a new low since its re-quotation in 2012.

It must be noted that market capitalization is one of the 4 criteria for selection as a component stocks for FBMKLCI; the other being free float, liquidity & investability. In the hurry-burry world, we can get care-away by a rising stock or spooked by a declining issue. Let's not forget that the value of a stock is a function of its financial performance and underlying assets.

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