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MyEG (0138) has been hot topic after Pakatan Harapan take over BN and form New Government.

MYEG price has fallen from RM 2.58 until today closing RM 0.905, which is about 64.92% !
Now it's time for us to evaluate is this fall make sense? 
At first we need to understand what the core reason it fall : 
We can conclude that it fall very much due to one of the project name "GST monitoring" which mostly going to be cancel as GST will be set to Zero after June. And the cancel of GST monitoringMYEG have ground to seek for compensation if government has void contract. (Gov need still need to pay them)
Put this aside, we shall first look at what actually MYEG do ?
Extract from MYEG annual report 2017, we can obviously see that GST monitoring is not yet part of the business, and the boss said “We have not recognised any revenue (from the GST contract). Everything else is business as usual. 
MyEG all the while have been providing lots of other services like vehicle ownership transfer, renew roadtax, all this already proved to make good profit for the company. 

Just by looking at their every quarter profit, already proved that they are progressing well with their existing business even without GST monitoring. 
Beside of that, MyEG no longer just depending on Malaysia to make profit, they far long ago already foresee more opportunity abroad, namely Philippines. 
Why Philippines? Because it's a right choice ! 
 Philippines population is about 3.3 time more than Malaysia !
The opportunity is even greater compare to Malaysia ! Why worry ! 
Why panic sell down? The future is tremendously potential!! 
Look at this one, Mydigitalcoin sdn.bhd, 
MYEG actually ventured in CRYPTOCURRENCY !!
This is the hottest business and definitely will boost their profit in future.
 Even AIRASIA is planning to launch their own Cryptocurrency too !
Look at below:

Even the company itself have done share buy back at RM 1.27, now only RM 0.905 ? If they confident why you worry? The boss also buy back today, and he is confident be able to deal with new government.

Last and not least, the boss actually very smart, he have already make a very quick move to try look for solution and most important person in New Government, which is Tun Mahathir
Before that we need to know MyEG actually have very powerful DIRECTORS ! 
Who is this ??
Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Muhammad Rais Abdul Karim
Bendahari Kehormat
emel: treasurer@perkim.net.my 

He is PERKIM treasurer ! And who is PERKIM chairman ?
Tun Mahathir is this organisation Chairman and until now ! Luckily they dint change to Najib!
See this PERKIM congratulate to Tun Mahathir, this showing MyEG's Director have good relationship with Tun Mahathir, and when have good relationship, things can potentially settle !

Last and not least, MyEG will be hosting a Ramadan event for Tun Mahathir next week.

By the time, news and reporter will to take photo the boss and Tun Mahathir take picture together, then market will give MyEG a big great respond again !
Will they smile together like this? 
(picture edited just for illustration)
MyEG fall is enough and time to shoot up !

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