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 [DRB-HICOM BHD,推出新款车型和整容车型]

截至二零一八年三月三十一日止财政年度,多元重工营收较上一年度截至二零一七年三月三十一日止的上一年度的120.6亿令吉增加6.1%至127.9亿令吉,主要由于服务及PAC业务的销售收入增加。服务业表现的改善主要来自Pos Malaysia集团的快递和物流业务以及Alam Flora集团的更高销售额。 PAC行业的增长主要归因于与建筑相关项目确认的收入。






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James Ng

In respect of the financial year ended 31 March 2018, the Group’s revenue improved by 6.1% to RM12.79 billion compared with RM12.06 billion in the previous year ended 31 March 2017 mainly contributed by the increased sales revenue from the Services and PAC sectors of the Group. The improved performance in Services Sector was mainly derived from the courier and logistics businesses of Pos Malaysia group and higher sales from Alam Flora group. The increase in PAC Sector was mainly attributed to revenue recognised from construction related projects.

The Group incurred a lower pre-tax loss of RM142.64 million for the financial quarter ended 31 March 2018 compared with pre-tax loss of RM258.39 million in the corresponding quarter ended 31 March 2017. For the financial year ended 31 March 2018, the Group achieved a pre-tax profit of RM415.13 million compared with pre-tax loss of RM227.70 million in the previous financial year ended 31 March 2017. The improvement in the financial results was mainly attributable to the recognition of R&D grant and better financial performance of operating companies.

The Group incurred a pre-tax loss of RM142.64 million in the current quarter ended 31 March 2018 compared with pre-tax loss of RM259.89 million in the preceding quarter ended 31 December 2017.

With stronger economic growth seen in 2018 and positive spillover into domestic economic activity, the Group’s overall businesses are expected to improve as well. The Group’s automotive sector aims to enhance its performance through launches of new models and facelifts by marques within its stable. The aerospace business via the composite manufacturing arm is undergoing business expansion which is also on track to achieve higher growth going forward.

Services sector will continue its momentum with logistics, banking and concession businesses remaining as the key growth contributors. In respect of the Property sector, the rationalization exercise of non-industrial assets is expected to be completed by the end of current financial year, in line with Group’s strategic direction to have leaner property portfolio focusing on industrial land.

The Group is cautiously optimistic and expects to deliver satisfactory performance for the financial year ending 31 March 2019.

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