RGB (0037) - Why RGB Value at RM0.6 by Fong Si Ling

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1. New Market-Head-start into South American via Mexico back in 2017.

3 years target market share 5% in equivalent to 10,000 unit gaming machine.(Huge Market)

2. Strong cash pile(Net cash position)

3. Dividend payout 0.7c for YA17 increase from 0.6c YA16 and .05 YA15.(dividend increase Y2Y)

4. Chuah expect 15% top-line growth.

5. Chuah up stake recently(April'18). (Off market transaction)

6. RGB boss confident its company valuation worth 60c in 3 years(via Cold Eye speech in 2017
7. SSM Division(Substantial order will booked in only Quarter 2)

Vietnam-679 gaming machine+25 Card suffer machine had already delivered in mid Apr'18(Total

package worth RM92Mil).

Cambodia-170 gaming machine ready to install in June'18

8.TSM Division(Concession-Profit Sharing+Preventative maintenance services)

Revenue increase approximate 50% compare Qtr4'17(RM32Mil/RM21.5)-It been very consistent within 20Mil-22Mil/quarter for the past 12 quarters.

9. Datuk Chua Kim Seah stake in RGB up from 26%  in 2017 to over 28% in 2018.