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[BUMI ARMADA BHD,合约延期及可用资产的重新调配]

截至2018年3月31日财务期间,布米阿马达录得收入6亿零30万令吉,较截至2017年3月31日的财政期间增加1.962亿令吉。 2018年的收入受益于Armada Olombendo FPSO和Armada Kraken FPSO的更高贡献。 2018财年FPO业务的分部业绩增加至2.852亿令吉,而2017财年则为1.242亿令吉,主要是由于Armada Olombendo FPSO和Armada Kraken FPSO的贡献较高。


由于Q1 2018 Armada Kraken FPSO(与2017年第四季度相比)贡献较高,因此FPO分部的业绩于2018年第一季度增加至2.852亿令吉,而2017年第四季度则为2.024亿令吉。

于二零一八年三月三十一日,布米阿马达的负债总额为124.237亿令吉,较二零一七年三月三十一日减少7%,主要由于偿还借贷及偿还供应商所致。 2018年3月美元兑马币的疲软也导致以美元计价的借款减少。



他们的subsea construction(“SC”)业务将在2018年繁忙,完成已在里海获得的工作。在2018年期间,他们预计在内部重组和成本合理化的背景下,布米阿马达将保持稳定的业绩,并在其FPO项目的最终接受支持下提高收入。
我希望将我的策略分享给读者,希望他们在阅读后能够表现出色。我正在使用基本面分析(Fundamental Analysis):

预计公司每年的增长率必须> 14%


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James Ng
The Group posted revenue of RM600.3 million for the financial period up to 31 March 2018 (“YTD 2018”), an increase from the financial period up to 31 March 2017 (“YTD 2017”) of RM196.2 million. The revenue YTD 2018 benefited from higher contribution from the Armada Olombendo FPSO and Armada Kraken FPSO. Segment results from the FPO segment increased to RM285.2 million for YTD 2018 as compared to RM124.2 million for YTD 2017 mainly due to higher contribution from Armada Olombendo FPSO and Armada Kraken FPSO.

The Group posted a profit of RM48.7 million for YTD 2018 and a profit attributable to the Owners of the Company of RM48.4 million, a decrease of 14% and an increase of 1% respectively compared to YTD 2017.

Segment results from the FPO segment increased to a profit of RM285.2 million for Q1 2018 as compared to a profit of RM202.4 million for Q4 2017 due to higher contribution from Armada Kraken FPSO in Q1 2018 compared to Q4 2017.

As at 31 March 2018, the Group had total liabilities of RM12,423.7 million, a decrease of 7% compared to 31 March 2017, mainly due to repayment of borrowings and vendors. The weakening of USD against RM in March 2018 has also caused borrowings denominated in USD to decrease.

The Group had higher net cash flows generated from operating activities in YTD 2018 compared to YTD 2017 mainly due to higher operating profit and repayment of advances, from a joint venture in YTD 2018. The Group had lower net cash flows used in investing activities in YTD 2018 compared to YTD 2017 due to lower purchase of PPE in YTD 2018, following the completion of certain FPSO vessels in 2017. The decrease is offset by an equity investment in a joint venture during the period. The Group had higher net cash flows used in financing activities in YTD 2018 compared to YTD 2017 due to higher repayment of bank borrowings during the period.

For the FPO business, they expect to see projects awarded in 2018 and beyond. They believe they are well positioned in the projects they are pursuing, and continue to submit bids that appropriately balance risk with reward. The Group will also look to actively pursue other upside opportunities in the FPO business, including contract extensions and potential re-deployment of available assets.

Their subsea construction (“SC”) business will be busy over 2018 completing work that has already been secured in the Caspian Sea. Over the course of 2018, they expect to see a stable performance from the Group on the back of the internal reorganization and cost rationalization, as well as improved revenue on the back of the final acceptances of their FPO projects.
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