BJASSET (3239) - BJASSET-WB worth how much ?


BJASSET-WB is a new listing warrant in Bursa Malaysia. This warrant will expire on year 2023 and the exercise price is just 35sen. Now the warrant already traded in the money, mean BJASSET share price (37sen) is higher than warrant exercise price (35sen).
BJASSET-WB is the few now traded on such low premium (21.05%). Look at the table above, recently very active warrants such as Hohup-wa, Seacera-w and Taliwrk-wb all traded at very high premium (Almost 100%).

If we compared amongst the BJCORP-WB and BJCORP-WC, i think you will sell these 2 warrant and buy into BJASSET-WB. Because BJCORP-WB and WC traded at such high premium >250% !!
So, we can concluded that BJASSET-WB is UNDERVALUED !! 
If we apply 50% premium to BJASSET-WB, it will worth :-
50% premium ------------ BJASSET-WB worth 20.5sen

Now BJASSET-WB just traded at 9.5sen, that mean there are >100% upside !!