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What you don’t know about JAKS: The STORY behind

If any professional investors read my articles, and have any new point of view, you can clarify or discuss with your peers, please do not hesitate to judge on my points.

Let’s back to the point, I am working in an investment bank for more than a decade, although the FA of JAKS is no good but I personally still invested into this construction stock, the main reason is because of their vietnam power project.

During this period, I wanted to meet Koon long time ago to make sure the Vietnam project is going smooth but I cancelled my plan because I realised some unusual events in JAKS and I want to protect my rice bowl.

I have risks to disclose these unusual events and do not want to face any law suits and protects my friends in this industry from punishments. We will not disclose anyone here. Investing in JAKS is not about their power plant, it is about your holding power throughout these years. CAN YOU BUY WITHOUT CARING THEIR PRICE FLUCTUATION?

JAKS with a good story behind(power plant), which is rich mens’ favourite stock, because they can make a lot of money from the price fluctuation of JAKS. TyKOON is an active traders in Stock market, he is more than investor.

I cannot tell how I received those informations, but professionals who read my article here will know this is truth.

Why say so? After a year of drawing the relationship picture, connecting many trading accounts, we are very confident and believe in what we conjecture. We found out that the controlling directors of JAKS, HAVE BEEN TRADING THEIR OWN STOCKS VERY OFTEN.
If you are holding JAKS, let me ask you a few questions.

DO YOU BUY & SELL during the price fluctuation?
Do you make any decision after reading their NEWS(no matter good or bad)?

WHY we want you all to protect yourself from losing in JAKS, because JAKS HAS BEEN MANIPULATED by a group of people.

We have this intention to check on JAKS is because We loss our motivation, this brings us to investigate more.

We calculated again the transactions from Koon and his relatives’ accounts, we realised their loss made so far is beyond reasonable limits. The logic is very simple, no director will do loss-making transactions. When we drew the picture, we can see it clearly. There is another group of outsiders who goreng JAKS. Last year we did not have sufficient information to find out who is inside the group to manipulate this stock. But thanks to god, someone leak out some important informations to us, we assure those group of people related to the directors. They issue good and bad news and release at the RIGHT TIME.

What we were wrong in the past is, we thought the TyKOON was the one behind the game.

But until we draw a logic big pic to understand the networking of these investors. From the (intention+ timing), we knew it clearly and break into 2 big groups.
“intention of specific time” = you want to buy it up, or sell it down.

GROUP K’s losses so much larger than GROUP A’s profits.

If they were in one group, GROUP A+GROUP K= losses making.
It is not logic. No team will make loss for your manipulation events.

GROUP K is TyKoon’s team.
GROUP A, we have strong evidence to say that, they are controlling directors of the company.

Others than our source, shows that these accounts are belongs to who, their transactions also align with press release of good & bad news. You can go find out the good news & bad news online to prove if wrong.

We got the information of all the transactions from 2 groups, when we wanted to write to TyKoon to justify this matter then later we spotted there are few unusual “profits-making” retail investors trade frequently in JAKS. We named these retailers, GROUP T.
This is rational thinking, investors in GROUP T trade very frequently, at profits.


Now I give up of meeting anyone, I won’t trust anyone at this moment, I want to protect my job. I apologize that I didn’t show those evidences I have, I don’t want my good friends who sent me evidence to lose their jobs. If you trust what I am saying. I will try to write more about others stocks. My next article, BN’s good friend manipulators.

"no name protects me, I protect everyone”.