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Hi guys,
Today Jaks is now a Hot hot Topic due to so much attention from its litigation with Star Media, its Viet power plant hype. Its Rights Issue & all those who sailang. And more punting on its waysides.

Jaks was a cold cold stock then on 16th December 2014 when Calvin Tan Research called for a buy

See 40 sen was the rock bottom price on December 16th 2014 in Jaks Forum:

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Top boss bought at 44 cents and above, millions of them. Anything below 40 cents is a bargain! 

So don't wait or else Jaks jump Jump JUMP Up 
On hindsight it was chun chun as you can see from Jaks 5 year Chart


Chart Period:
See very carefully On End 2014 Jaks dipped below 40 sen!! It peaked at above Rm1.80 in early 2018 (Up more than 300%)
I first bought Jaks at 60 sen about 10 years ago in years 2005/6. I sold off Jaks at Rm1.20 after it doubled. After selling Jaks even crossed Rm1.40 & my remisier alerted me that i still got a few lots of Jaks left unsold. So I gladly disposed all into strength above Rm1.40. After that Cyclical Jaks fell all the way back to 60 sen. And then 55 sen when I started nibbling. When Jaks fell to 40 sen On December 16 2014 I was in euphoria.
How come when Jaks was down in the dump then only I get so excited? Thought I was insane? Abnormal.
Ha! Last few days I met bro Jon Choivo in Johor. Surprisingly Jon Choivo also gets excited when value stocks collapsed in price. Value stock collapsed? That is not the time to panic but to buy more! And certainly when they turned into hot hot stocks we must be afraid - very afraid!
I am happy indeed. Jon Choivo is an auditor by profession and sees value. Buy when price is low like Calvin. And resist chasing hot air bubble stocks. So very safe to follow.
Never in my wildest dream today Jaks is now one of the Hottest Topic around. But I am extremely bearish on Jaks. I am appalled.   I think Jaks being a Cyclical will now go down to its original level of 60 sen. And if it cannot sustain then the 40 sen level is the floor. If Jaks should fall below 40 sen support - then no eye see leow
See this very important article VERY VERY CAREFULLY & Don't Get Wiped Off
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From Permafrost to Precipitation - how so many got trapped in sumatech (SudahTrap) & IFCA (Calvin

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The Eight  Stages  of A Hot Air Balloon Stock
Stage No. 1.  PermaFrost
Snow that is frozen for 2 or more years are called permafrost 
perma - as in perma-nent
frost - be freezed over
Related image
This is the stage of a really dead stock that no research house will bother. Not a single soul is interested.  The exception must be the only one in ten thousand who dare to buy any.
Stage No. 2. Thawing
Frozen Solid Ice starts to thaw or soften a little
A very slight passing glance by some value investors or deep value hunters. Only the very brave who SEE VALUE Will dare to buy some.
Stage No. 3 ICE Now Turning to Cold Water.
Some brave souls dare to venture in. Of course it's cold. Every where people pour scorn and cold water on the stock. Very few pay any attention. Remarks are usually negative. From Remisiers, fund managers, one and all. Same conclusion - the stock is not in their investment radar. So most reject it..
Stage 4. Cold Water no longer cold. It is now at room temperature.
Ha! there is a little attention paid by value investor. For the rest it is neither cold nor hot. So lukewarm response. No longer negative like before. But not positive either. A few hopeful investor  starts to accumulate.
Stage 5 Water starts to boil
Ha! the heat or fire cause the water to stir a little now. There is warm and movement.
Company reports a good quarter. Or some great contract awarded - real or assumed. Some by merger news. Some favourable factors due to ringgit crash and strong US Dollar translating into higher profits. Or cheap oil benefiting rubber glove, logistic stock like transport or airline. There is now a stir in the stock.
Newspapers, analysts, experts, punters and all are paying attention now. More people talk about it in internet forum and even the media reports it.
Buyers are coming in and there is a great stir at last. Things are now coming alive. Prices moving upward. Many are making   monies.
Stage 6. Boiling Water Turning Very Hot in the kettle. The water now churning in violent waves in the pot or kettle with steaming hot movements.
At long last the stock is very hot. Post after post by i3 forum member. All are universally drawn and sucked in. Like insects flying into bornfire at night there is a red hot wild attraction. As more people telling how they made killings in the stock market even more and more people are drawn into the red hot hot stock.
Those who made money early are now piling more and more monies into the red hot stock. Some even go into margin account to buy more.
Prices leap up to the cheers of all and sundry. Everyone is so happy. Happy in a sure winner. Emotion is now flying high. Any opposing view is slammed down in a frenzy. Reason is now overtaken by exuberance.
Wah getting hot now!
Image result for picture of boiling kettle
Stage No. 7. Hot Steam Rises Up The Sky As Hot Air To Form Cloud
All are now in cloud nine. Naysayers are condemned and proven wrong. The sky is the limit for the price. Can now fly to the moon or mars. More monies piled in. More suckers drawn in by greed.
This is the happiest time for all. But throwing all caution to the wind this is also now the most dangerous time to hold or buy more.
In Bursa every day the hot stock is traded in top 10 volumes
In internet forum this is the stock conversation revolves around day and night. Media reports it and tell why it should go even higher. Experts suddenly appear to tell you this time is different. The sky is the limit. Or the sky is not limit. It should fly to outer space.
See example:
Sumatech has a total of  121,603 posts
And 123 people clicked like for sumatech
All finally caught in SudaTrap
 123 people like this.
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SejukSam any news on this sumatec?
17/05/2016 17:31
IFCA Also got many posts & likes
55 people like this. (IFCA)
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Airasia also look like one now with 40,978 hot hot comments
66 people like this. (airasia)
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Stage No. 8 Precipitation - Cloud falls down and crash back to earth in torrential rain.
All caught holding high flying shares on the steep fall to earth are in despair. This is the ultimate result for those who chased hot hot stocks at the very peak = total loss and bankruptcies.
Image result for image of hot air balloon on fire
See from permafrost to precipitation stocks



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Stage No. 8 Precipitation - Cloud falls down and crash back to earth in torrential rain.
All caught holding high flying shares on the steep fall to earth are in despair. This is the ultimate result for those who chased hot hot stocks at the very peak = total loss and bankruptcies.

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