MALTON (6181) - MALTON – The Ultimate Question

 MALTON – The Ultimate Question

    With Pavilion branding and Pavilion management team, can Pavilion Bukit Jalil achieve strong occupancy rate when it is open in 2020?

    What is 100% of the shopping mall worth? The market cap of Malton today is RM350m. Is the shopping mall worth only RM350m without counting the value of property and construction segment? Put it the other way, is the construction and property segment worth RM350m while the shopping mall worth nothing?

    Beside the rumour stake sale to Canada Pension Plan, can a better deal be sourced to maximize the value of shareholder? If the deal go through, will it be distributed to shareholder through special dividend?

    The company is having a huge float on the market. Is institution shareholder/activist willing to build a large position to ensure question 1 to 3 be addressed?

That will be the things to consider for prospective/current investor.

Disclaimer: The discussion above is meant for education purpose only and not a buy or sell recommendation. If you trade your shares in the company, you are doing it at your own risk.