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其E&C部门的显着优势包括马来西亚的EPCIC Pegaga天然气开发合同和墨西哥的EPC天然气管道(Ayatsil Line 16)合同,这些合同表明了他们在提供创新技术和适应性方面的良好记录和技术能力。

勘探与生产部门达到了重要的里程碑,包括采取Final Investment Decision(“FID”)将发展Gorek,Larak和Bakong为其SK408天然气田的第一阶段,这是解放价值和提供长期天然气盈利化的关键里程碑计划。 Pepulut油田最近的第九次发现进一步巩固了他们致力于实现SK408高潜力气田的全部盈利化的承诺。此外,他们进入墨西哥Block 30,最近的PSC签署以及新西兰五个海上勘探许可证的投入为长期的业务提供了新的增长机会。

我希望将我的策略分享给读者,希望他们在阅读后能够表现出色。我正在使用基本面分析(Fundamental Analysis):

预计公司每年的增长率必须> 14%


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James Ng
In the current quarter, the Group recorded a loss before taxation and impairments of RM108.2 million. The Group financial performance had improved by 9.6% compared to the loss before taxation and impairments of RM119.7 million in Q4FY2018, mainly due to better performance in the Engineering and Construction segment as well as higher share of profit from associates and joint venture companies.

Engineering and Construction:
The segment recorded a profit before taxation for the current quarter of RM36.5 million which was lower by RM145.0 million compared to RM181.4 million in Q1 FY2018, in line with the lower revenue in the current quarter.

The segment recorded a loss before taxation of RM68.7 million, which was lower by RM89.5 million compared to the profit before taxation of RM20.8 million in Q1 FY2018, in line with the lower revenue in the current quarter.

Exploration and Production:
The segment recorded revenue of RM209.8 million, which was 8.0% higher than the revenue of RM194.3 million in Q1FY2018. The increase was due to the higher liftings and the effect of the higher average realised oil and gas price achieved in the current quarter compared to Q1FY2018.

The oil and gas industry is gradually recovering from the low level of activities experienced in the last three years leading to an increase in projects being sanctioned. As a result, their Services segment has witnessed a significant increase in new orders and the recent contract wins have brought the Group’s total new wins to date to RM4.5 billion. This is expected to contribute positively towards the Group’s earnings from this financial year and beyond. These new wins area testimony of their growth strategy taking shape as they continue to strengthen their presence in existing and new markets.

Among the notable wins in their E&C segment are the EPCIC Pegaga Gas Development contract in Malaysia and the EPC gas pipeline(Ayatsil Line 16) contract in Mexico, which represent recognition of their strong track record and technical capabilities in delivering innovative technologies and fit-for-purpose solutions.

The E&P segment has marked significant milestones including taking Final Investment Decision(“FID”) to develop Gorek, Larak and Bakong as phase 1 of its SK408 gas fields which represents a critical milestone in unlocking value and providing visibility of their long-term gas monetisation plans. The recent ninth discovery in the Pepulut field further reinforces their commitment to realise the full potential of their highly prospective gas fields in SK408. Additionally, their entry into Mexico’s Block 30 with the recent PSC signing and farm-ins into five offshore exploration permits in New Zealand provide new growth opportunities for the business in the long term.

Notwithstanding the above, the Group remains committed to strengthening its financial position. Towards that end, the Group has identified several initiatives, including the potential listing of the E&P business and a possible capital raising exercise. The Board remains optimistic that the gradual recovery in the industry will improve the medium-to-long term prospects for the Group.
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the forecasted growth of a company must > 14% per year

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