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It is a disaster when Mr. Koon declared on Merdeka Day he will stop posting his share opinion at i3investor.
I am currently having 23% temporary loss in LionInd but I never blame Mr. Koon. My average price is 1.24, which I believe LionInd will surpass this level (in 6 months) when the market sentiment turns positive. Current PE is 3.96 which will be attractive if not now maybe in this coming half year.
The research of LionInd is comprehensive and correct:
He also made several calls which are still correct until now.
1. Malaysia Steel
Sell call at 1.14, for those disbelievers, still holding Masteel, are having 40% - 50% loss.

2. Lii Hen Industries Bhd.
Buy back call at 3.08.

Even good share with very good profit growth prospect does not move up continuously without temporary short-term correction. Read the red boxes, blaming period and fingers pointing period.

For LionInd it was absolutely fine if Mr. Koon / Tabung Haji / another big shark decided to sell at 1.2 to 0.95 because everybody is free to trade in the open market. He had to do it quietly because in this battle field, besides followers, your opponents also reading the blog.
The value of LionInd is still there, those big institutions can only buy it after some 14 - 70 days moving average. I am waiting everybody at 1.64 - 2.03.
For punters, all research, blog and recommendation are for reference only, you need to evaluate and buy at your own judgement.
I strongly recommend Mr. Koon to continue preaching the gospel anonymously at i3investor, with name by email, Whatsapp or at koonyewyin.com. Your sharings are still very beneficial to us.
In case Mr. Koon decided to write anonymously at i3investor, you must start the introduction with your track record of Latitude, VS Industry and Lii Hen so we can identify you but the haters and opponents cannot. I suggest we use the secret phrase LVL (Latitude, VS Industry, Lii Hen).
Mr. Koon please continue to blog, at this age, don't waste your talent, just ignore / forgive those stupid commenters.

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