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As Airasia grows stronger, worries of subsidiaries default on loans has long gone.  
This year, its the time of reckoning for all the sons and daughters.  
Finally Tony found the right persons to run subsidiaries.    <-- breakthrough.="" is="" most="" nbsp="" p="" significant="" the="" this="">                        "Philippines and Indonesia will have their best ever years. Both airasia Pillipines and Indonesia will take more               
                      planes than Malaysia or Thailand. First time on our history. We now have four engines of growth."    Tony's tweet.   
A.    Phillipines IPO (mid-2019)

The IPO of Phillipines Airasia has been postponed a few times.    Now the plan is mid-2019.
The IPO aims to raise between 200-250m USD, about rm800m-rm1b.  
When Thai Airasia was listed,
"AirAsia said it recorded a 120.1 million ringgit gain after reducing its stake in Thai AirAsia to 45 percent from 49 percent prior to the listing of Asia Aviation PCL in Thailand in May. Asia Aviation is the major shareholder of Thai AirAsia.
AirAsia also posted an additional gain of 1.04 billion ringgit on the 45 percent stake in Thai AirAsia."
More than RM1b gain on IPO of Thai Airasia.   
Guess how much Phillipines IPO will make for Airasia?    
B.     When Phillipines IPO is done, next, ASEAN Airasia to be listed in Hong Kong.   

Listing of ASEAN Airasia in Hong Kong is the JACKPOT!!!!     Last year, Tony said he "hope" to list ASEAN Airasia before his birthday on 30 April.     Well, maybe 30 April 2020.  
Will Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin Meranun be top 10 or top 5 Malaysian Richest?   

There are (at least) three more IPOs on the pipelines.     
-Flight Crew Training Centre IPO in Malaysia
-Thailand Airasia X IPO
-Airasia India IPO

- Plus Castlelake deal which will bring in another 768m USD or RM3.34b to Airasia.    Another special dividend, maybe 2019Q4?  

All these will happen in a year or two, probably the only uncertain event is India's IPO.     Tons of cash!!!!     No, Tons of gold!!!!     Buy or sell, your call!!!!
Lastly, sorry for the mess in typesetting, not done that for a while.    I was the fastest guy in typesetting some time ago, I mean, real fast.    You can't even see the cursor!!!!     Hehe!
Happy Investing!!!!

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