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 Dayang and Hengyuan

Twins?  Hengyuan 2018, Dayang 2019

Hengyuan from $ 8 to $ 10 to $ 18 in a short period of time,  after that, what happened ?

Dayang from 80 sen to $1 to $ 1.80 in a short period of time, after that, what will happen?

The uncanny resemblance.

Same operators, same methods, same end results?

Fool you  once, shame on you

Fool you twice, you no cure

Look at the past 10 years earnings records, when has it ever been stable?

You want to put all your nest eggs and retirement funds in the bet that next results will be satisfactory?

What about restructurings and rights issues? Ready for it?

Why are the investment banks so negative?  Indeed why are the fund managers so negative yet i3 so positive on these two stocks?

One year apart and history repeats.

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