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 REWARDING OnG Theme Play is forcing CARIMIN to begin its 2nd half FLIGHT

CARIMIN, above 94, seems like 2nd half of the game begins now ...
Most likely it's a continuation from where it was left off at 94.
A huge active daily vol of 129.5 million shares was transacted yesterday, close to equivalent of half of its Paid-up Capital in shares.
Let's take a calculated bet for a fast gain.

Winning chance is HIGH for  OnG  Theme :
i.  Still in early bull phase n could last easily a year or 2
Great winning stocks create values like all human go through their 3 levels of education career.
a. Primary Level
All OnG stocks r now in 1st level though prices seem high now. n some will go to be the 1st to show prices of 200 - 300
b. Secondary
Prices of 300 to 450 become common
c. Tertiary
If the biz in play is so good, 400 to 600 with corporate issues of bonus n split plays will come true.

ii. The OnG bull run comes, replays n repeats ONCE in every 6 years; 2007, 2013 n this golden year 2019 

iii. Position yourself for the BIG wave, never miss it, OK !

The entire MARKET FORCES in the country just want to play  OnG.stocks.only everyday now. 
n CARIMIN is the stock for your consideration.
1 more push above 96 = confirm purebull run is ON n expect a super fast n furious pace to 168 n MORE ...

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