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Among NAIM, DAYANG and PERDANA, Which one is the best buy ?
I will said it is NAIM. NAIM is the major shareholder of DAYANG and PERDANA. NAIM control 26% stakes of DAYANG and 10% stakes of PERDANA. NAIM will benefit mostly  from increase investment values in both company after their share price rise alots. NAIM share price performance still laggard compared to DAYANG and PERDANA. 
Financially, NAIM fundamental is the most solid and best among these 3 stocks. Look at the table above, NAIM P/E only 6.7x compared to DAYANG 9.7x and PERDANA still loss making. Secondly, NAIM net gearing is the lowest among these 3 company. 
After sharp rise in DAYANG and PERDANA, NAIM sure will playing catch up. It is the cheapest valuation among the 3 stocks.

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