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 Wall Street Never Sleeps, so r KLSE OnG Theme Stocks

How to follow long # Philip, your world famous warren B n the BIG names in wall street.
Their strategy only applies to 1 of 4 Types or Places/Ways of making money on KLSE.
There r 3 more GOOD ways too.

long # Philip said, he's in the farm now full time, not to be seen n known by others in i3investor.
He v clever only specializes on #1 Best Way = Perpetuate Growing PLC.
But none in this type is in purebull, except CARLSBG. Perhaps RHBCAP looks good.
We know Gloves r horrible since starting 4th Q last year.

2nd BEST type = Theme Play = the BEST to prosperity.
YES, OnG Theme now.
Theme Play on recovery biz always gives us multi bagger stocks.
i.e. Stocks fully LOVE n dream of having by all stock market players ...

2 more Theme Plays r slowly n surely coming soon...

i. Auto/Car Theme
CAR Theme Play could come not long from now.
People edi bought n owned their houses.
For 3 yrs housing mkt is bad = People have lots of money to spend on cars, a BIG ticket item.
MBMR, 1st choice


ii. Insurance Theme
Fully related to Auto/Car biz n a better biz for whole life of the cars with premium paid once every year.
ALLIANZ, non-takaful insurance n TAKAFUL r both ready to FLY.

Great stocks always have to climb the last wall of sick FUN selling like no tomorrow.
Looking back to HAIO n JHM experience 2 yrs ago,
they could take another few days to just 2 weeks more to the right timing to continue power charging up again.
As always, they will be fast n furious this time !

Together both will go on to create a new theme play i.e.

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