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To all legendary investor and trader of KLSE
This message is crafted to you in order to let you know what are the instrument that billionaire and multi millionaire used to bring in huge wealth in a decade.
In the past, massive wealth is created through brick and mortar business. For example, real estate is one of the instrument that a lot of people used during those days to attain massive wealth. Yes, I do not disagree with this, but it takes quite some time. Other businesses such as oil and gas, manufacturing business are also good as well, but to date, the largest corporation in terms of market capitalization are mostly made out from IT / Technology company.
The latest line up are Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google.
It used to be a fight between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in the top 2 position, but to date, this had changed. Now it is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Jeff Bezos of Amazon (before divorce settlement) that rise up so quickly to dethrone the legendary.
Technology is the key forward, and this is just a start, especially for Malaysia. There are a lot of things that can be improved with application of technology, or being replaced by them as well. The application is technically have a wide scope.
Now Cuscapi is one of the potential target that legendary investor should take note. This company is not just another Tom Dick and Harry, but it is backed with track record management that brought up MyEG from a mere RM 200 million company to a RM 5.5 billion company to date.
The Cuscapi that we know is of the yesteryear story. Please delete away your mindset that Cuscapi is the company producing those Rev Tablet for food ordering system.
Now Cuscapi is moving way faster than you think.
Cuscapi is still involved in Food & Beverage POS system, and additionally, they are developing a system for automotive segment.
If you see, Cuscapi got this EDMS system that links some of the process that is previously done manually into a systematic manner that will ease the process and also reduce fraud.
Bonus info
Previously, I got mentioned about Cuscapi being linked with Grabfood expansion. While some see a potential on it, some also doubted it.
If you looked carefully, 1 of the executive director of Cuscapi is Mr Toe Teow Teck. He is a Singaporean and formerly worked in a private equity NTU Venture in Singapore and also an angel investor himself. To link this up, Grab is actually a Malaysian startup that went to Singapore to get funded and become to the Grab that we are seeing to day.
Since the private equity / incubator / startup funding is a niche market, there is high chance that Mr Toe also have network that is related to the funding of Grab at the initial stage.
The latest move on Cuscapi acquiring a Singapore based food ordering POS system (Amplify Me Pte Ltd) continue to underline the prospect of Cuscapi having more corporate exercise related to Singapore based company.
Let you put this to thought
1. Grab is dealing with Car / Transport + Food, while Cuscapi is dealing with Food Ordering System and Automotive related registration with government.
2. Executive director is Singaporean, and involved in startup funding, angel investor, private equity funding
3. Both Grab and Cuscapi having the same geographical growth - South East Asia market
So now, do you see a definite link between the 2 company ?
I am invested in Cuscapi and will believe that the management of Cuscapi will be able to deliver based on their track record.

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