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Dear all,

As stated in the title monopoly is one of the worst moat ever, if you observe closely, many companies in Malaysia are such.

I will first illustrate the case of airline: Malaysian Airlines, when Air Asia appeared look what shit state it is in right now.

Talk about telecommunication, you can easily compare Telekom Malaysia when PH decide to open up competiton to it.

Talk about train services.. this one really no hope, look at the LRT, KTM always delay delay delay, but people have no options so still have to use them. Open up the competition, these lousy companies will go bankrupt anytime!

These are the typical kind of lousy monopoly moat Malaysia companies have.

A stark contrast to this is the banking industry, imagine if Maybank doesn't have any competitors, do you think it will have such user friendly online web banking interface today? I am sure we won't. Luckily banking industry isn't monopolized or else I am sure we will have a hard time making online transactions even today.

What is the lesson of this phenomenon? Don't ever invest in a company whose monopoly is granted by the government.

Just an observation by PUNTER!

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