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After publishing my post titled “Sime Property And Gamuda – Beneficiaries Of ECRL Rerouting” on 9/4/219, there were further latest positive developments and announcements from the government on the ECRL and KL-SG High Speed Rail (KL-SG HSR). The positive developments are listed as the followings.
1)    An ERCL station will be built in Labu for passenger interchange with KL-SG HSR.
2)    ECRL is diverted to southern route to cut down cost. The routing will pass through Sime Property land (GLC company) so that land acquisition costs will be lower.
3)    KL-SG HSR will be revived soon. Labu will have a station.
Labu will become rail transportation hub with stations of 3 different railroads. It has stations for ECRL, KL-SG HSR and KTM Komuter. Together with its close proximity to KLIA, Labu has all the crucial ingredients to become a vibrant integrated transportation hub resembling KL Sentral. Some multinational corporations (MNCs) who find KL too far may set up their offices in Labu Integrated Transportation Hub instead.
Sime Property has a land size of 8,793acres in Labu. Certain portion of the land has been planned for high tech industrial areas. Air Asia has also looked into having its airplane maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities in Labu. Therefore, we can foresee that Sime Property will have its revenues and profits coming from different segments in the Labu land. The future multi-stream revenues and profits will be from commercial building transportation hub developments, township developments, industrial building developments and outright land sales to industrial owners. In contrast, Sime Property derives most of its income from single stream, which is township development currently.

The proposed site for Port Klang 3 will be the growth and development catalyst for Carey Island. The RM200bil project will witness the biggest and most sophisticated port as compared to the existing North Port and West Port in Klang. The rerouting of ECRL has made Carey Island in general or Klang Port 3 in particular as the starting point of East Coast Rail Link. Goods and containers can be offloaded from sea liners in Port Klang 3. The goods and containers will be hauled along ECRL to Kuantan Port in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia before enroute to China and East Asia by sea.
The Port Klang 3 will create opportunities for industries to set up their plants near to Klang Port 3 in Carey Island. Distribution centers and warehouses for various industries and online traders will be built in Carey Island. It is interesting to notice that Sime Property actually own about 80% of Carey Island. Its total land size is about 11,000ha or 27,180acres. You can see now how ECRL is benefitting Sime Property. I would say Sime Property is the biggest beneficiary of ECRL.
As Carey Island is so huge, Sime Property can divide the island into different zones. It can divide it into seaport zone, industrial zone, township zone, recreational zone and seafront city zone.

Sime Property will not purely rely on housing and building developments as its source of income and profits for Carey Island. It can now upgrade itself from township planner to become district planner. It can open another source of income which is outright development land sales. The Klang Port land can be sold to the world class private port developer. The government has already announced that Port Klang 3 will be built and operated by private entities.

Sime Property will be the biggest beneficiary of ECRL. The full potential of its huge lank banks in Labu and Carey Island will be released. Sime Property will also transform itself into a master district planner and developer. Plots of land for different usage can be sold outright to port developer, industries and sub-property developers. By this way, the turnover and profits will be multipled and potential income will be realised faster.     

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