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LTKM price has breakout from RM1.16 since last week. Due to Leong Hup IPO and TeoSeong post good earning quarter last week, investor begin to look into LTKM.
I believe LTKM will continue the rally upon release the Quarter Report this month.

As you can see, egg price is stable during the month of Jan ~ Mar 19. This inteprets that LTKM is enjoyin high egg price, and better profit margin for the quarter. I believe the coming earning will surpass the last quarter earning. As last quarter earning is 7.5sen, and this coming QR may report above 7.5sen.
Coming the rolling 4 quarter eps, which make up total ~20sen eps, and current price is trading at PE of 6 only.
All other pultry company is trading ~ 8 to 10x PE. Which means there is upside of another 70sen ~ 80sen. 

This is not a buy/sell call. But merely ome studies .....Pls trade at your own risk.


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