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Dear trader and investor alike
Many are wondering where is the land that EDEN is sitting on.
There are 3 plot of land, but I will reveal 2 land first.
Since I am not expert in reading land, then maybe those that are very expert can come and read and interpret where the land is.
This 2 land almost around 230 acre in size in total.
So assuming the land will be taken to build ECRL STESEN KUANTAN PORT CITY 2, then EDEN will get how much?
230 acre x 43560 sqft x RM 15 psf
= RM 150 million !!!!
That is just a small change compared to those ECRL system that are worth billion.
Market up market drop, but this land acquisition will going to happen.
Now EDEN only market capitalization of RM 57 million. Steep discount compared to incoming big prize asset from the land sale.
This is not an invitation to buy/sell/trade. But this is to show information to investor alike on the potential of EDEN sitting in good prime land waiting to be acquire for ECRL.
If you like to invest in land for flipping, why not try EDEN ?


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