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Hiap Huat Holdings Bhd, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in manufacturing, recycling, and refining of petroleum-based products. The company is involved in various industries, such as scheduled waste management, oil and gas, petrochemicals, laboratory services and information technology. Its products include Fuel Oil; Base Oil; Petrochemical; Lubricant; Grease; Paint; and Container. The group has one operating segment that is, the manufacturing, recycling, and refining all kinds of petroleum-based products. Hiap Huat geographically derives revenues from Malaysia, followed by Singapore and South Korea.

Recent river pollution incident in Sungai Kim Kim, Johor has also awakened people's awareness of environmental protection, and manufacturers with conscience have also strengthened environmental protection. The prospect of HHHCORP , which focuses on industrial waste disposal, is undoubtedly beneficial.
Environmentally friendly business is profitable
Looking ahead, Managing director said that environmental awareness is rising, and this business is definitely profitable. Take China as an example. In the past, there was not much emphasis on environmental governance, and blue sky and white clouds could not be reached. As the regulation narrows, the manufacturing industry will no longer be allowed to discharge waste at will. Now blue sky and white clouds are no longer a luxury in China. At the same time, China's environmentally-friendly listed companies have also benefited a lot.
Read more at https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2076687.html

HHHCORP result shows strong improvement in performance for the past few quarters, we expecting the results will keep improve for coming few years due to enviroment awareness

From technical view, HHHCORP break though long resistance at RM0.125 is just matter of time due to their fundamental prepared.
We believe current quarter result is strong enough to support HHHCORP at atleast RM0.12, by the time when next quarter result release, it should hit RM0.2
We are investing this counter and targetting for RM0.20
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