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 SarifahSelinder For yg novice ni might not mean much

For those yg tahu this is significant news

Significant progress

Now almost all the major integral equipments i.e. turbines, boilers, transformers, stator, rotar for the IPP plant are already on-site

But baru only Mid July skrg

CPECC is certainly not fooling around

CPECC is very good

Early completion

Yg ni oso confirmed financing is not a problem

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DK66 On July 6, the No. 2 generator rotor of the 2×600,000 KW coal-fired power plant project in Haiyang, Vietnam, which was contracted by the company, successfully arrived at the project site, marking the fifth batch of large-scale equipment of the project all arrived at the project site. Ensuring that the unit was put into production on time has won time.

The fifth batch of large-sized transportation equipment includes No. 2 generator stator and rotor, No. 1 main transformer, and No. 2 main transformer. In the transportation process, the General Contracting Project Department overcame the difficulties of domestic and international logistics and transportation environment, laws and regulations, customs approval, etc., combined with the actual project, formulated a special plan for large-scale equipment transportation in advance, and finally successfully completed the large-scale transportation work.

DK66 7月6日,公司总承包的越南海阳2×60万千瓦燃煤电厂工程项目2号发电机转子顺利抵达工程项目现场,标志着该项目第五批大件设备全部抵达工程项目现场,为确保机组按期投产赢得了时间。 


12/07/2019 10:14 AM
14/07/2019 8:34 AM

SarifahSelinder Yg ni may be obvious but Sarifah mention anyway for benefit of blur sotong

CPECC x payah no need to manufacture all the major integral equipments i.e. turbines, boilers, transformers, stator, rotar etc etc for the IPP plant

CPECC cuma kena beli

CPECC cuma kena beli and install them

This makes the whole IPP construction so much easier so not complicated

Not difficult to execute
14/07/2019 8:47 AM

SarifahSelinder Cuma kena install

Plug n play
14/07/2019 8:52 AM

         SarifahSelinder How difficult can that be??!!?

         Plug n play jer
          14/07/2019 8:53 AM

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