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 As you are aware, KPower major shareholders sold their shares to Dato Abdul Karim of Serba Dinamik fame in June 2019.

So what is Dato Karim plans for KPower?

For more details, here is a link below.


I summarise the main salient points in the above article as follows-

1. Restructuring of operations underway

2. Diversifying into ENERGY and INFRASTRUCTURE.

3. Bidding for new contracts

Don't forget also that Dato Karim bought his shares off market at RM 1.00..... and the share price at 26/7 is only 81 cents!

Sure leh  Dato will push up the share price above RM 1.00.

Question is just when? Very soon. Maybe once the above 1 ,2 and 3 is underway.

I see tremendeous upside for KPower in future.

KPower - A Stock with Upside Potential? You be the judge!

Take care and I wish you readers all the best!

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