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It is education stock, which is EDUSPEC!

Eduspec is on the path of upward earnings growth trajectory and distributes free money to its shareholders;

(1) Eduspec is expected to be a major beneficiary from a contract rollout for a virtual learning environment (VLE) from the Government.
Since Eduspec uses Google Classroom and is already working with the Education Ministry together with Sharp to intro 100 classrooms with their smart classroom tech, Eduspec is the clear frontrunner to win a new Billion Ringgit contract.


(2) Eduspec is giving out free money to its shareholders! Eduspec has proposed bonus issue of up to 550.9m free warrants in Eduspec on the basis of 1 Warrant B for every 2 shares in Eduspec. This proposal has been approved by Bursa Malaysia. The date will be determined and announced later.
Interestingly, we can make money from the potential rally  in Eduspec’s share price soon due to strong investors’ interests for free warrants and the rally in free warrants price upon its listing. 

If you look at Scomnet’s share price in recent weeks, which the company also gave out free warrants to its shareholders, had a strong run-up before the Ex-date for the entitlement of free warrants. AND the warrants price itself has been rallying and trading at a premium since its debut.
Another example is Homeriz. Home run, babe!

How high the rally in price can go? Probably it is worth to price target it at 25sen, which the history will repeat itself!

Eduspec, Technical BUY, TP: 25sen
Buying interests in Eduspec has surged this morning today after flushing out contra players.
Trading in Eduspec is robust given its bullish landscape: 
(1) Above 200-day simple moving average and;
(2) Golden cross between 50-day and 200-day moving average recently.
(3) Given the strong uptrend in Money Inflow indicator, it is indicating rising INFLOW of funds into the stock.
(4) +DI is still at low

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