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Market seems to have very big respond on latest GENM plans to acquire share in Empire Resort. 

This has achieve the goal pushing down the price for the one last time. 

Looking at the chart, we see strong accumulation on everyfall as this could be the last time to fall. 
According to close source, the deal might will not go though. Don't you think it's so coincidence that theme park settled, the future growth finally ready to push price above RM 4.0 then suddenly sell down? It's all planned. 
Some Boss net worth according to google worth US$5.8 Billion 2018 , you think he need GENM money for the take over? It's all planned to shake the price down on purpose.

Coincidencely same day we see Genting Hong Kong selling stake worth of US $470 million which is 3.65x time of the ammount Genting Malaysia take over. GENTING have so much cash everywhere why choosing Genting Malaysia to take over and not Genting Hong Kong?

We think some agenda is blewing behind on purpose. The deal may not go though, no need to be so panic.

Privatization ? Ermm no more need to let shareholder scold ermmm

Many bank remain buy call !

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