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GENM (4715)  : A Game of Poker?

Here's a timeline of Genting Malaysia's Share (Genm) price performance based on news.

Simple analysis based on chart findings.

1) Buy low , sell high

2) When the volume is too high, the rebound was not much. Volume has to cool off a little before Genm rebounded back up.
3) If the intraday drop is very sharp and fast, it is likely to rebound upwards a little (but does not mean it will close strongly)
4) Buying below the opening price is safer than buying above the opening price
5) Traders had to go through 3 Bad News before rebounding significantly back in 2018.

Greentrades opinion:

Genm may trade in accordance to general market conditions.
Quarterly results will be out end of this month.
Its like playing poker with a person who knows your hand.
Do you want to play?

Thanks for reading.
Trade at your own risk.
The author will not be held for any losses or decisions made.
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