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Firstly, when Ekovest announced its last QR on 29th May 2019, its share price surged intraday from 0.725 to 0.81. Then, in a matter of one month only, it reached a high of 0.90.
All these are achieved only with a -33.04% QoQ and +58.04% YoY QR result.

Yesterday, Ekovest released its latest QR results of an almost similar pattern QoQ wise (-20.7% and -33.04%) but a huge surge of YoY from 58.04% to 1,814.38% (31 times higher).

Based on its previous share price movement, it can almost be certain that almost a gain of RM0.085 (0.81-0.725) can be expected on coming Tuesday, due to the almost similar pattern of QoQ. But, this time, with a surge of YoY from 58% to 1,814% of 31x higher, do you think the share price will only rise RM0.085 coming Tuesday? Certainly not! It will definitely soar much higher!

Secondly, The Star Online reported this “The company is working closely with the government on various infrastructure projects which has been proposed to the government," it added.”

Can you smell Bandar Malaysia in this sentence?

And with Ekovest being a counter that can be easily goreng up whenever the mass media reports something concerning Bandar Malaysia, do you think Ekovest share price won’t surge coming Tuesday? Heck, with a 31x increase in YoY, we are seeing a possible Limit Up!


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