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(1) Good Prospect
RM1 billion order book in hand. And it’s expecting 30% from its order book to be recognised this year. The first and the second quarter had been recorded revenue of RM27.6 mil and RM66.4 mil respectively. If everything goes well, the third and the forth quarter should can achieve RM100 mil per single quarter. 
(2) Low downside risk and huge potential upside
Alam Maritim has ranged from 8.5 sen to 9.5 sen within 4 weeks range. For 52 weeks range, it has ranged from 6 sen to 16 sen. Now we can see majority gas & gas counters are trading at one-year-high. But Alam Maritim and its warrants still in hibernation mode. 
(3) Oil & Gas rally
Oil prices have jumped more than 10% after a coordinated drone attack hit the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry on last Saturday, forcing the kingdom to cut its oil output in half, nearly 50%. It’s very serious and I believe that oil prices won’t recover easily in the near term. This has provided the great opportunity to us to invest in oil & gas counters, especially the undervalued one. 
(4) Net asset 43 sen. It’s nothing to lose
Net asset as high as 43 sen. Total borrowings RM120 million and cash in hand RM30 million. Cash position not too good and also not too bad, at least better than Armada and Sapura, and Barakah and Icon. 
Five years ago, during the good time for oil & gas counters, Alam Maritim had traded at more than RM1.00. If you check back the historical chart, you can see Alam Maritim stil hovering at lower price. You can’t see a huge shot up there. So if you think Alam Maritim is the good gas & counter to invest during this oil & gas rally time, then please do your own homework and make your own decision. 

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