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 i-Stone Group Bhd (iStone) is principally involved in manufacturing automation business, with a focus on customising specialised automation machines that are used in automating manufacturing processes. Design, manufacturing and modification of specialised automation machines, as well as provision of corresponding maintenance and technical support services, together with provision of data management system (DMS), among others, are the group's core business activities. Its products are mainly sold to brand owners and contract manufacturers of home appliances, industrial products, automotive parts and components, which have manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

  • Growth drivers. iStone’s growth will be focused on i) development of new products and new features for its existing machines, ii) enhancement of its manufacturing as well as D&D capabilities, and iii) improvement of manufacturing efficiency with standard modules.
  • Competitive strengths. iStone’s competitive strengths include: i) experienced directors and key management team with strong technical expertise, ii) ability in customising specialised automation machines, iii) established long business relationships with its customers and suppliers, and iv) adherence to stringent international quality standards.
  • Catalysts. Key drivers may include: i) rising demand for automation in the manufacturing industry, ii) evolving technological advancements of end-user products, and iii) government initiatives in driving the manufacturing industry and embracing Industry 4.0 (smart manufacturing).
Comparison of 2019 automations IPO

UWC are still uptrending we believe at the current price there will be another 10 - 20% upside to reflect the price from its valuations

Greatech is very bullish since IPO, despite current QR's slightly drop of revenue & profit compared to previous QR.The stock price just keep going up. we believe at this point the price already reflect company valuation

Istone first day of IPO spike up super high from its ipo price. then dropping for many days. now it has hit the rock bottom price. Upcoming industry 4.0 theme probably will boost istone to move up and will catch up with its valuation. we believe the current underperformed stock price of istone soon will outperform uwc and greatech.

 i-Stone Group Bhd is looking to ride the Industry 4.0 wave, but is it choosing the right time to expand? We speak to Executive Director Chan Kok San about expansion plans post-IPO.- From Talking Edge

WHY istone
1) Pioneer status- The Group’s effective tax rate was lower than the statutory income tax rate due to one of the subsidiary, i-Stone Systems Sdn Bhd, has been granted the Pioneer Status incentives by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority under the provisions of the Promotion of Investment Act 1986. The subsidiary enjoys exemption from income tax on its statutory income from pioneer activities for a period of five (5) years from 1 January 2017 up to 31 December 2021.
2) Very strong support - Technical analyse support at RM0.17 , very limited down side risk with huge potential up side
3) Industry 4.0 - Automation could be the fastest growth business in near future, when the theme arrive, it could be as good as UWC and greatech.

Istone TP
PublicInvest :  RM0.2
Rakuten : RM0.21
share4u : RM0.25
Support at RM0.17
Resistance at RM0.2
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