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One thing you may notice in the past 1-2 years is that share prices generally go lower when the stock is implementing a Right Issue. The reason is simple; no one wants to cough out money to subscribe for new shares.
On the same logic, an expiring warrant, especially company-issued warrants which must be converted to shares instead of cash-settled, would suffer the same fate. It can get so bad that these warrants would trade at a significant discount.
The last 1 month we have been seeing INARI-WB trading at a discount of less than 1%. This warrant has the following terms:
1. Exercise price: RM0.5333
2. Expiry date: Feb 17, 2020
For example, at the time of writing this post, INARI was trading at RM1.72 and INARI-WB was trading at RM1.17. If you were to buy the warrant and pay the exercise price of RM0.533 to own the share, you would save 1.67 sen or about 0.97%. No matter how difficult it is to make money in the stock market, a saving of less than 1% won't get many retail players excited. 
So, who is buying INARI-WB, and patiently & laboriously converting them to shares? The smart money, of course. In the stock market, if you choose to be on the side of the smart money, you will win more often than not. 
That's why INARI the share is worth watching. If it were to drift down to the line connecting its recent trough (or, low), it is worth owning some. Good luck!
Chart 1: INARI's daily chart as at Jan 16, 2020_3.30pm (Source: Malaysiastock.biz)

Chart 2: INARI-WB's daily chart as at Jan 16, 2020_3.30pm (Source: Malaysiastock.biz)

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