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 Coal Vs Hydro Power

The two news links below showed that electricity pricing of coal and hydro power are almost equal now.

Vietnam Coal power pricing

Accordingly, the prices for power generation in coal-fired power plants are set to range between VNĐ1,677 and VNĐ1,896 (US$0.07-0.08) per kWh during 2019, excluding some taxes, sea port fees and infrastructure. The prices are VNDĐ359 and VNĐ76 per kWh higher than those of 2018.


Laos hydro power pricing

According to Jona, the price of the 195MW power purchase agreement is $0.073 per kilowatt hour, which Cambodia’s Electricity Authority (EDC) implements with a power deal.


Vietnam buying electricity from Laos


Despite promising to increase power purchases from China, Vietnam's state-owned company Vietnam Electric Power Group (EVN) has recently been revealed that it has signed five power purchase agreements with Laos and will purchase power from the latter this year and next. In other words, after proposing to buy 2 billion kWh of electricity from China, Vietnam gave the order to Laos without warning.


I have explained in my previous article, "Jaks Resources - Why JHDP in Vietnam has a bright future ?", that Vietnam has almost completely exploited its large hydropower project.



Cost of new electricity from hydropower to Vietnam is now at level similar to cost of electricity generated by Coal power plants, thus making coal power plant an appealing alternative for future electricity demand.



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