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After buying a share, the share price increase more than 15%, should I keep or should I sell?

I think for those who buying FPI around the price of RM1.50, they will start to think this question.

There are three possibilities of the share price movement, down, maintain or up. If you keep, then you will hope the price will up or at least maintain. But if you sold it, then the least you hope is the price up nonstop.

We are not God, we don't know the movement of the price. So, you need to ask yourself this question once again, what is your objective in buying this counter.

For share dividend purpose? Then you shall continue to keep it unless the earning per share of the company is dropping continuously.

For speculation purpose? Then what is your expectation? How much is enough?

Each one of us have different approach and different objective in buying a share.

I roughly checked the historical share price of FPI
Jan to Feb 2018 : RM1.72 - RM1.95
Jan to Feb 2019 : RM1.67 - RM2.01

And FPI is repeating its history, the share price is up from RM1.60 to RM1.80 in today trading. Personally I feel that the price very high chances be able to touch RM1.90.

The trading volume for this share is very little, so, the price is very easy to pump it up or down. So, please trade with extremely cautious if you chasing high.

I also in dilema, should I sell or just keep. After writing this article, I have made my decision, I want to keep it for until it repeat 2018 history price. Unless the USD to RM keep dropping, then I might sell it as well. (USD1 to RM4 or below)

I believe many of us here are buying this counter. Are you one of them? Wish we all all the best!





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