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After Topgove last quarter report come out. Glove become hot topic.
I don't own any glove stock.
I just take some data to compare each other. Maybe it useful for you ^^...

All data some base on date as below:
(mostly data copy from i3)

1.) Revenue

Harta best in increase they revenue. Supermx =.=...

2.) Net Profit

Comfort good turnover results but tax increase from 2017 to 2019. Supermx =.=... again

3.) Net Profit Margin

Comfort lower net profit margin but most increase profit margin =.=...
Harta best profit margin.

4.) ROE

Harta best ROE, but 10 years ago ROE too good (become worst results ROE increse (%).
Opposite condition for comfort.

5.) PE

Base on PE, rank given from investors. Harta, Topglove, Kossan, Supermx and Comfort.

6.) USD/RM

Harta, Kossan, Supermx 1-Oct-2019 to 31-Dec-2019 average USD/RM about same with
previous quarter 1-Jul-2019 to 30-Sep-2019. But in furture will effect it.
For Topglove and Comfort we can see average USD/RM lower compare last quarter
*Data taken until 17-Jan-2020

7.) Latex Cost

* Jan-2020 data until 17-Jan-2020
Simple calculation average buld latex cost vs quarter report date as below:

8.) PBT

Harta higher PE - Best ROE and profot margin (AMG Antimicrobial Glove)
Topglove second high PE - Big name president Lim Wee Chai and exploxe condom market
Kossan third high PE - ROE and profit margin better than Topglove but PE lower than Topglove
Supermx - Contact lens
Comfort - Cheap glove counter in Malaysia

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