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上YouTube一查,发现很多版本的Life is like a cup of coffee.

影片说,我们要喝咖啡。但是做选择时,却是盯着咖啡杯。Family Mart的Americano是RM5.90, Starbucks的Americano却是RM10+. 如果让你选(不用出钱),选Family Mart还是Starbucks?




19 March 2020
All employers must pay workers' salary during MCO

8 April 2020
Malindo Air is ceasing all flights this month and asking 70% of its staff to take no-pay leave.
That involves over 3,400 of its total 4,900 workforce. If the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic worsens with countries continuing to close borders and airspace, the no-pay leave situation will drag into May.
Malindo is the first local airline to ask the bulk of its workforce to go on unpaid leave.
However, Malaysia Airlines has also given its 13,000 employees an option to take five days of unpaid leave per month for at least three months, or between one and three months from April. It has approved 1,194 unpaid leave applications.
13 April 2020

AirAsia founders not taking salary; staff accepts up to 75% pay cut.
Fernandes, in his post, said he and executive chairman Kamarudin Meranun "will not be taking a salary during this period," while staff from across the business "have accepted temporary pay reductions" of between 15% and 75% depending on seniority.
"I thank them for their sacrifice and in keeping the big picture in mind," Fernandes said.
The low cost carrier currently has "no revenue coming in" with 96% of its fleet grounded since end of March.
The company, he said still have "significant ongoing financial commitments" such as fuel suppliers and leasing agents.
Fernandes said the airline is "doing everything possible" to reduce costs during this period.
AirAsia, on March 27, has announced that most of its flights were suspended from March 28 to May 31.
Fernandes also encouraged the airline's customers to accept credit offers, as "a good alternative" for flights cancelled.
"While we strongly encourage you to accept the credit which is instant and comes with a 365-day validity and allows you to change your flight time for an unlimited number of times,we do accept requests for refund on a case by case basis," Fernandes said.
He said due to the "overwhelming" number of requests, it may take up to 16 weeks to process the refunds.

The airline policy, he said, is "in line with many operators" in the travel industry and reflects its focus on returning to business "as soon as possible."

"We have ensured that we adhere to all regulations and requirements of respective governments and consumer authorities and believe this is the best solution," he said.
AirAsia flies to 130 destinations across Asia Pacific. Together with its affiliates in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Japan, AirAsia is the largest low-cost carrier in Asia by passengers carried.

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