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 JERASIA (8931) JERASIA CAPITAL BERHAD - Do You Know this company NTA worth RM1.89???

JERASIA - Business Background

Jerasia Capital Bhd through its subsidiaries is engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of fashion apparel and accessories. The business activity of the group is operated through Garment Manufacturing and Retail segments. The Garment manufacturing segments include the manufacture and export of fashion apparel and accessories. The Retail segment involves retailing of fashion apparel and accessories and the Other segment consists of investments and dormant companies. Geographically all the operation are functioned through the region of Malaysia, however, it also has the presence across the region of USA, Europe, Singapore, and Japan. Jerasia Capital derives the majority of revenue from export of apparel and accessories.

Fundamental Analysis


Lots of Bursa Shifu will notice this after the share price is up. Just like MGRC which surge more than few hundred percent recently. JERASIA is just the same stock criteria like MGRC.

Current Stock Price RM0.25, which means it is 87% discounted from the NTA. Do you know how many companies can have such value in BURSA MALAYSIA?

JERASIA share based is only 82mil, small cap company in bursa. You just need to use RM21MIL to buy a listed whole company down.

MCO is lifted now, JERASIA business is back to normal. You can notice lots of stocks in momentum recently. Most of it recovered more than 80% previous price. So now is the time to seek for those stock that haven't move yet !!!

Technical Analysis


PRLEXUS is JERASIA peer in bursa. Do you saw how PRLEXUS surge from bottom? Please do not chase this PRLEXUS anymore. There are cheaper valuation in bursa compare than PRLEXUS.


JERASIA have been uptrending since rebound from lowest RM0.13.

However the huge momentum is on 24 APRIL 2020. The share price surge up to RM0.27 highest. The support built at RM0.21 now. Huge momentum is entering this company too. Today it closed at RM0.25. Highest it went to RM0.265. Tomorrow possible to see more people notice it. I'm just highlighting a stock that is hidden from everyone. People don't do homework and blindly chase those already overvalued stock.

Potential Breakout Price : RM0.30

Target Price : RM0.36

Support Price : 0.25 ( provided tomorrow breakout from this level and stay above this pricing )


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