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Two stocks to watch for 06 May 2020:
1. MUDAJYA (0585)
The first stock to highlight is MUDAJYA.
MUDAJYA is a company which business is involved mainly in Construction, Property, & Manufacturing. 
Their Construction Projects (SINCE 1998, 22 years already ! )  include: RM13.23B of contract worths and 3.6B ongoing which we feel will definately will be refilled more ! MUDAJYA Have built many coal Power Plants, Highways, Buildings and Infrastructures! to mention some, the KL- Kuala Selangor (KLSE), Kemuning-Shah Alam (LKSA), famous Damansara- Puchong (LDP) are all projects of MUDAJYA. They are also involved in the MRTv3 MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang, LRT 3 from Bandar Utama to Johan Setia, and Aero train for KLIA!! 
For Property MUDAJYA have 10 DAMANSARA HEIGHTS, VILLA ANGSANA CONDOMINIUM, Menara Mudajya, Batu Kawah New TownShip.
And, for manufacturing, MUDAJYA produces ready mixed concrete to cater for in house demand as well as supply to contractors. They make various precast concrete products which are pre-tensioned and post tensioned prestressed concerete beams. Imagine, when u hungry ownself produce bread to eat, and can sell bread to other people also when they need ! haha.
For Technicals:

As the technicals shown, Mudajya was on the downtrend however the downtrend was broken as shown in annotation 2. The current price of MUDAJYA is 0.35 as of 05/05/2020. Will the share price shoot up? After today's Breakout Volume and Price... you decide ^_^ 
This is all for educational purposes . The decision to invest or not to invest is up to you , and you are responsible for all your investment decisions. 

Follow this Chanel, and Lets HUAT TOGETHER !:rocket:

Disclaimer: Postings here are for sharing/ educational purposes only. Each individual are responsible for your own decision/ investment


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