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Fundamental Analysis
Why DPIH will benefit from the low of petroleum price?
DPIH produce aerosol which made from liquefied petroleum gas.
Their cans getting low cost also benefit from low metal n aluminum cost.
  1. No debts for company expansion.
  2. New plant ready to run
  3. Growth company with PE only 10
  4. Dividend yield 1.67%
  5. Increase profits steadily year over year
  6. Breakout chart.
  7. IPO price at 25cents. Now close at 15 cents only, crash about 40%.
  8. Rakuten target price given at 22cents!  JFApex gave RM0.19 target price !!

Technical Analysis

Support Price: RM0.14 - RM0.145 
Breakout Price: RM0.18
Target Price: RM0.23 
DPIH tried to breakout previously on RM0.16. After a long retrace, it well support at RM0.14. Do take note on this stock which is growing very well every quarter and cash rich company. Not many small company can do that like DPIH. 
Fundamental Analysis

Current Stock Price only RM0.21 !!! which means 75% discount from current price. 
Technical Analysis

Support Price: RM0.19 - RM0.20 
Breakout Price: RM0.25
Target Price: RM0.30 
High volume appeared these few days. Worth to take a good look at this long forgetten company. It has PASDEC-WA too. Syndicate might take chance to goreng like what happened these few days SMRT, MINDA, UCREST & MANY MORE.

You can notice that the major shareholder of the company is taking position in this crisis. Many people forget this company when it losses volume. Do take note on cheap stock in this BULL market. Take note on the volume for this company. Its seems people are collecting at low pricing. Do not chase high. Good chart will slowly appear after this. 
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