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AT- Technical Buy
1) Volume spike recently, indicates buying interest in this counter , first strong buy signal triggered on 1st June
2) Broke out from super-penny region of 0.06~0.1
3) After last collection at 4th June , the banker starts markup the price , pushing it to a high 0.195 before selling it.
4) The selling proceeds for 2 weeks , but note that the last few days the banker start collecting back , the selling volume drops significantly , and the last 3 green vertical lines indicates the "push down and collect" approach from the banker.
5) Price is well supported at 50EMA , before it rebounds.
EP: Any price below 0.15 (0.13~0.14 the best range)
TP1: 0.195 TP2: 0.265
AT-WC- Technical Buy
1) at discount of 25% , the volume is quite heavy though , but once it break through 0.065~0.075 , the warrant may go up fast and be traded at no premium or 10% premium.
EP: any price below 0.07
TP: Follow mother share , when it reach TPs , sell it.
Just a simple analysis without all those indicators and osciallators, my style is all about volume and price action , simple , yet effective. Feel free to comment below and have a nice trading day !

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