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On 5 June 2020, Careplus release QR 31-Mar-20.
Profit is RM1,141,000. EPS is 0.21 sen.
If look inside report, see inventories written down is RM4,040,000. This cannot be find inside notes but is in cash flow statement. I do not know why is not mention in the note 7. Normally is mention there.
If remove this write off, profit for quarter is RM5,181,000. This is quite good. Careplus always is make loss company. And the profit likely is March. Jan and Feb still quiet about Covid.
If use this profit, EPS for quarter is 1 sen.
How much is profit April, May and June? Should be continue improve.
Will Careplus go up or down on Tuesday? I do not know. Different people different idea about profit result. I just show hidden item in report only.

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