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SCGM (7247) SCGM BHD: Record QR ahead

SCGM is involved in themoforming food and beverage packaging. Whereby when you go to bungkus the chicken rice, the plastics that bungkus the chicken is one of their products. The demand and usage of the food packaging is increase during the MCO whereby none food can be dining at any restaurant. So everything must be 'BUNGKUS'. This have result of the increase of the sales volume of their products.

JIT (just in time) to invest in the face mask business. The respond of face mask and face shield is goods. This 2 products have become our essential products since Covid 19. Nowaday, whenever you go, you will bring along your face mask. So the sales of face mask is just like the 'money printed machines' ....the more they produce per day..the more they earn. i still remember during MCO, 1 pcs of mask is selling at RM2.

The price of the plastics raw materials at 10 years low. As the crude oil price is not performing well, this also resulted the resin price is going low.


Low materials price...high demand of plastics packaging+face mask/face shield

A record QR is predicted

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