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 Icon8888 sifu has been away for about 5 weeks ago or so. His bet on Ewint has finally hit the jackpot. I hope he is well. If you happen to meet Icon8888, please send my regards to him.

His Ewint is selling like a hot cake in the UK thanks to super good sales response from the Hong Kees who aspires to become Om'puteh (go to UK to cari makan).

Look like Icon8888 is correct this time. His machine gun has finally hit one of the flies he was shooting. I do hope he still keeps his Ewint. Tomorrow will be an explosive day for the Ewint and other property stocks.

Everyone knows property sector has been battered since 2014. Most of the property stocks visited their lows in the March 2020. Retailers would still be shying away from property stocks because their respective sifus have "banned" this sector due to non-emergence of buying signal in property charts. These groups are willing to chase high because they always believe they can unload at higher prices.

Equally exiciting news for local property stocks especially those at their lows, e.g. Ecowld, E&O, Mahsing, MKH & KSL. Let's be honest to ourselves. The property developer nows operate in an enviroment far more favourable than that in the past few years. Thanks to Hidin for his stimulus package and making this possible. To me, the property stocks at their multiple year low backed with Hidin's recent formulated "goodies" present a golden opportunity.

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