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Dear all Supermax shareholder and gloves company supporters,

I hereby share with you all the mystery briefing report which has been rumored in the market these few days.
The briefing reports is much the same as the one in MAY, but they have added new important information for JUNE about the pricing. 
Link to download :  https://wetransfer.com/downloads/00e619cc5ff1f87fdcfd44b3f78b584e20200710074922/71a971ebd5a4f3f6f72fad8169fcddb020200710074922/92ba67
''GLOVE IS GOLD'' updated 05 JULY 2020 

Supermax book order has increased to 20 billion gloves as of 15 June 2020.

In Page 13, it shows the key point of this Briefing report whereby Supermax is selling as high as USD 150-160, both of its
distribution and manufacturing has BENEFITED FULLY from this price hike. It is 100% pure profit as KYY have said.
Look at bar 5 to 8 (April to June) carefully and read the notes.

The price changed as much as USD 160 from period MAy to June

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