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 The latest report shows that there are 3.78 million Covid 19 cases and 142,000 deaths in the US. The chart below shows the daily new cases is still spiking. Just yesterday there were 65,389 new cases.

The US has the most Covid 19 cases in the world. There are 14.22 million cases and 600,000 deaths in the world. The US has about a quarter of cases and deaths of the total cases and deaths in the world. The US population is only about 4% of the total world population. Obviously, Trump administration does not know how to prevent the spread on the coronavirus. Until a few days ago, Trump did not even believe in wearing a face mask.

On top of this pandemic, the US has many other problems such as racial discrimination and gun control. Gun control is very relaxed in US. As a result, records show there are gun violence every day. Mass shootings have become everyday occurrences in the US. It is the leading cause of premature death in the US—killing more than 38,000 people and causing 85,000 injuries each year.

In China:

The latest report shows that there are 83,600 Covid 19 cases and 4,634 deaths in China. The chart below shows the daily new cases is so few and on 18 July there were only 16 new cases.


The People's Republic of China has one of the strictest gun control regulations in the world. Generally, private citizens are not allowed to possess firearms. In terms of crime, China is recognised as being one of the safest countries in the world. China is very good in  law enforcement, a 99% conviction rate, and draconian criminal penalties act as harsh and effective deterrents to serious crime.

It is very safe to walk out at night in any Chinese city. But not in America.

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